ERPNext Certification

Supercharge your career by becoming a certified ERPNext consultant

If you wish to appear directly for evaluations without attending the training, you can reach out to us at

Certification Courses

Price: $ 200 | ₹ 15K
HR and Payroll Management
Price: $ 200 | ₹ 15K
E-Commerce and Website Management
Price: $ 200 | ₹ 15K

Certification Bundles

ERPNext Core
Price: $ 500 | ₹ 40K
  • Sales Management Module
  • Procurement
  • Accounting
  • Inventory Management
ERPNext Services
Price: $ 300 | ₹ 20K
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Support Management
  • Project Management

Special Offers 🎉

If you opt for these combinations of course bundles you will get discounts on the total price.

ERPNext Core + ERPNext Services
Price: $ 700 | ₹ 50K
ERPNext Core + Manufacturing
Price: $ 700 | ₹ 50K
ERPNext Core + HR and Payroll Management
Price: $ 700 | ₹ 50K
ERPNext Core + E-Commerce and Website Management
Price: $ 700 | ₹ 50K

About the Training Program

With our training, you will learn everything you need to know about ERPNext. Real-world examples that are handled by our team will be shared during the training. Take the certification exam from your home or office. After you’ve passed an exam, display your verified certificate on any professional networking site.

Why get Certified?

ERPNext is being used by more than 10,000 companies across the world. Become a Certified ERPNext Consultant and work with businesses looking for professional help implementing ERPNext. Our certificate would authenticate your skills and boost your market value.


It is advised that you complete the Frappe School courses before the training commences.

This Can Be Your Certificate!

Wish to see your name on it? Register for ERPNext Certification.

Prepare for the evaluation

Before appearing for evaluation, you can always review the course content available at Frappe School or refer to our documentation to reinforce your knowledge. When you’re ready to take the evaluation, review the process outlined in the Evaluation Preparation Guide.


When you pass the evaluation, you will be awarded a certificate by the Frappe School Team. Share it on your preferred professional networking site and use it to promote your achievement.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can attend the training vitually from your home or office or you can visit our office and attend the training in person.

Checkout this training schedule. Once the training is complete you can apply for evaluations. To know more about the evaluation process go though our Evaluation Preparation Guide

No. However, there are various opportunities in the ERPNext eco-system. You can checkout this telegram channel

The certificate won’t expire. However, the ERPNext or Frappe Framework version number will be mentioned on it.

An organization has to complete a separate course, which includes operational procedures and readiness of driving a business. We have already started certifying Frappe Partners. To know more on how to become a Frappe Partner click here.

If you have any queries about training and certification reach out to us at