Course Creation Guidelines

If you are an expert in any module of ERPNext or Frappe Framework and wish to contribute to Frappe School, you can create a course too. To create a course follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. Once the course is created you can submit the course for review. Our team will review the course that you have created and if we like the content and quality of the course, it will be published on Frappe School.


When creating a course, build characters and situations to explain the benefits of features in ERPNext. Storify the content wherever possible. Each course should have an illustration. This is provided by Frappe.

Each course should have a preview/teaser video of 1-2 minutes. Add a brief description of your course. Each lesson should be of 7 to 10 minutes duration.

Overview and first lesson should be viewable without login to users and the rest of the videos should be viewable only after registration and login. For reference check the Introduction to Accounting course at Frappe School.


The script of the course should have two broad characterstics.

Firstly, there should be a story of an organisation, which has certain problem. You should also include a characters which are grippling with issues and seeking solution for the same.

Once you set the context well, we can propose Frappe/ERPNext as a tool to streamline the same. Give a broader overview and then jump to the specific features.

For example, there is a retail store which often runs discount offers. It includes price as well product offers. The challenge is that current POS system doesn't handle schemes well, and doesn't apply discounts while billing. This leads to quarrel at the billing counter, where customers demands discounts as promoted. And then we come to ERPNext which has complete invoicing + POS features. To streamline the situation as mentioned above, you can introduce the Pricing Rule's feature, which help company in billing with scheme discounts auto-applied.

It is important to give an accurate description of features and options in ERPNext/Frappe. If needed, talk to developers and consultants to confirm. Do not assume that the viewer is familiar with business processes and ERPs. Explain concepts in simple language.

The script of each lesson should have the below sections. Introduction where you welcome the viewer and explain what will they learn in this lesson. A context where you explain benefits and features. Screencast where you explain navigation, creation, and options. Outro where you show the Next chapter details.

Write short, clear, and direct sentences. Avoid using unnecessary superlatives. Keep the tone formal.


Try to be your natural self with an apt amount of professionalism SMILE when on camera! Use hand gestures while explaining certain concepts.

Instead of learning the entire script by heart, you can learn 1-2 sentences and deliver. Keep the tone/pitch of the entire video on the same scale. The tempo of speech should be moderate. Neither too fast nor slow.

Stress on words that highlight the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of ERPNext. Keep a gap of 3-4 seconds at the start and end of every recording (this helps in the edit)


Use the microphone while recording the audio (BOYA). Quicktime Player is convenient when it comes to recording the Screencasts While recording, use ‘Record Selected Portion’ to crop the screen up to the URL tab.

Keep a gap of 3-4 seconds at the start and end of every screencast (this helps in the edit). To record the screen, use an instance with USD as the base currency. You can do this by selecting the country as ‘United States’ while setting up the instance.

Review Process

When you are creating a course, the course has the status In Progress. Once you have completly created the course, you can submit the course for review. When you submit a course for review, the status of the courses changes to Under Review. At this point, one of our team members will review the course. After review, they may suggest some changes to you about the course. If everything is alright, they will publish the course.

Submit for review


If we like your course and decided to publish it on our website, we will compensate you for your efforts. You will receive a grant of ₹ 1,00,000 /- from us once the course is published.


You can refer the documentation of the Frappe LMS App to know more about the course creation process.

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