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Lead Management

Lead Management

Any potential customer from whom you may expect business is called a Lead. And the processing of this Lead through various stages of information and contact is called Lead Management.

A lead can be any individual or business that is interested in the products or services you offer.
A lead can come from various sources, for example, someone who has directly asked you for details about your products or services, or someone who has downloaded content from your website by signing up using their contact details, or even someone who has been referred to you by a mutual acquaintance. Once you know a little more about the Lead, their contact details and their requirements, you can delve deeper and start checking if your products and services fulfil their requirements. Accordingly, you can qualify them and take a step further to turn them into a customer.

In this video we will learn how to collect, classify and prioritise Leads to help attract more business.

Ritesh More
9 months ago

Any charges of this course?

Sayali Yewale
8 months ago

No, its free of cost

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