Library Management with Frappe Framework
What are we building?
Faris Ansari
May 19, 2021

We will build a simple Library Management System in which the Librarian can log in and manage Articles and Memberships.

We will build the following models:

  1. Article: A Book or similar item that can be rented.
  2. Library Member: A user who is subscribed to a membership.
  3. Library Transaction: An Issue or Return of an article.
  4. Library Membership: A document that represents an active membership of a Library Member.
  5. Library Settings: Settings that define values like Loan Period and the maximum number of articles that can be issued at a time.

The Librarian will log in to an interface known as Desk, a rich admin interface that ships with the framework. The Desk provides many standard views like List view, Form view, Report view, etc, and many features like Role-based Permissions.

We will also create public Web Views which can be accessed by the Library Members where they can browse available Articles.

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