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Create a new site
Faris Ansari
May 19, 2021

To create a new site, run the following command from the frappe-bench directory:

$ bench new-site library.test
MySQL root password:

Installing frappe...
Updating DocTypes for frappe        : [========================================] 100%
Updating country info               : [========================================] 100%
Set Administrator password:
Re-enter Administrator password:
*** Scheduler is disabled ***
Current Site set to library.test

This command will create a new database, so you need to enter your MySQL root password. It will also ask to set the password for the Administrator user, just set a password that you won't forget. This will be useful later.

Now, you will have a new folder named library.test in the sites directory.

Craeting a site
SM Seid Mohammed
6 months ago

I got This error when creating a site SystemSetting.enble_scheduler is not Set but it creates a site in the directory when opening in the browser I can't

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