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Creating a DocType
Faris Ansari
May 19, 2021

While in Desk, type 'doctype' in the search bar and select the DocType List option. You will be navigated to the DocType list where you will see a bunch of DocTypes. These are the DocTypes that are bundled with the framework.

The first doctype we will create is Article. To create it, click on New.

  1. Enter Name as Article
  2. Select Library Management in Module
  3. Add the following fields in the Fields table:
    1. Article Name (Data)
    2. Image (Attach Image)
    3. Author (Data)
    4. Description (Text Editor)
    5. ISBN (Data)
    6. Status (Select) - Enter two options: Issued and Available (Type Issued, hit enter, then type Available)
    7. Publisher (Data)

Refer the following GIF to check how it should be done:

Article DocType

After adding the fields, click on Save.

You will see a Go to Article List button at the top right of the form. Click on it to go to the Article List. Here you will see a blank list with no records because the table has no records.

Let's create some records. But before that, we need to clear the Desk cache. Click on the Settings dropdown on the right side of the navbar and click on Reload.

Now, you should see the New button. Click on it and you will see the Form view of the Article doctype. Fill in the form and click on Save. You have created your first Article document. Go back to the list view and you should see one record.

Article New Form

Usman Gujjar
12 months ago

GIF`s not working plz check it out

AB Amin Benkhaled
3 months ago

Works for me May be a problem with your browser

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