Introduction to ERPNext
ERPNext is the world's best free and open source ERP.
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Running a business can sometimes be challenging without the right tools. In this video, we introduce you to one such tool, ERPNext, an open-source ERP software for your business.

While we answer the question What is ERPNext, we also tell you how with this tool, you can have all the information about your business on your fingertips. With ERPNext, you can move smoothly towards your business goals without having to worry about the digital part of recording data and transactions of your company.

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1 month ago
Shariq Khan
3 months ago
where is the link to share the course ? i just completed
ali mahmoud
3 months ago
Overall, I found this course to be excellent. However, I initially expected to see a detailed breakdown of every step from the beginning. Fortunately, as I progressed through the subsequent videos, I realized that the course primarily focused on providing a strong foundation of basic knowledge, with some steps being skipped
3 months ago
Hanan Yassa
4 months ago
excellent explanation thanks
simple explanation and arebunderstabdabke
1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice introduction and straightforward. Thanks to the team.
Luís Felipe
1 year ago
Mori Alsaj
2 years ago
Great and very informative.
Omar Mohammed
2 years ago
The courses are very clearly explained and the basics are covered in detail. Thanks, ERPNext Team
course is really good.It gives all basic understanding of ERPNext.I recommend to talk slower so that beginers can understand concepts clearly and if you can add the certification
Thank you ERPNext. Hopefully, I will provide many benefits to the world, especially in Indonesia with ERPNext.
Rinesh Prasad
2 years ago
great features. if you can add the certification.
Introduction to ERPNext course is very nice and simple, the main features are established and good examples are given.
Good to get an overview in quick time. Precise, clear and straight learning.
Peter Lucban
2 years ago
Great and very informative.
Akash Londhe
2 years ago
Grate Explained
Very good. A quick recommendation would be to talk a little slower. Thanks!
Excellent Introduction. Simple language and examples gives the much needed confidence for a beginner.
Nicholas S.
2 years ago
quiet audio on some videos but overall great intro!
Salim Mustafa
2 years ago
Great Intro and very informative.