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Inventory Management
Learn how the built-in Inventory Module in ERPNext, helps you gain insight and manage your inventory efficiently.
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ERPNext comes with a robust Inventory Management Module that lets you manage various Stock transactions like Purchase Receipt, Delivery notes, and Stock Entry. In ERPNext, you can manage the traceability of your products. It also comes with built-in Inventory Reports like Stock Balance reports among other reports that give you better visibility of your Inventory. Sounds interesting right?

The inventory module is one of the core modules of ERPNext and we will be covering all its concepts over the course of 10 chapters. In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to manage your Master Data and Settings
  2. How Inventory affects Accounting
  3. How to add Opening Stock and Reconcile Physical Stock
  4. How to record receipt of Inventory
  5. How to create Stock Entries to record the movement of Inventory
  6. How to create a Delivery Note and Packing Slip to Deliver Goods to your Customer
  7. How to add Serial No and create Batches of items
  8. How to manage returns
  9. How to Manage your Warehouse and finally
  10. how can we generate various Reports based on the data we have captured
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Great summary for novice. There should be some specifics into how quantities are deducted/added seeing that there are many different documents for doing so. It feels a bit too much of an over pass. A sandbox would be great, but probably this is stretching it a bit. Thanks
sojan p j
9 months ago
Thanks Linet and Team , as always great content , detailed. Very Good Course ... :)