Production Planning
Course on how to use Manufacturing Module in ERPNext
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ERPNext is a leading ERP software that boosts productivity and improves MRP (Material Resource Planning) with integrated inventory, sales, customer, and vendor management.

In this course, Manan Shah from Fafadia Tech begins with an overview of Challenges faced by the Manufacturing Industry and introduces key concepts related to Manufacturing in ERPNext. Further, he teaches how to Plan and Execute Orders in ERPNext through Production Plan and Work Orders. Production Planning in ERPNext takes inputs from relevant Documents like Sales Order or Material Request thereby making it easy to use. At the end of the course, a full walkthrough of ERPNext is provided for a Manufacturing Organization.

With ERPNext a Manufacturing Organization can manage all functions of the business on one single software improving the visibility of resources, reducing duplication of work, and improving Reporting for Management.

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Comprehensive and yet simple. Particularly in Quality Inspection and Scrap Material. Flexible workflow in manufacturing process.
Salim Mustafa
2 years ago
Excellent, very informative. Thank you for the clear instructions. We often think that manufacturing is complicated but with ERPNext its simplified.