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Regardless of industry, procurement of raw materials and other goods and services is extremely important and is often one of the primary activity in any organisations. Procurement management not only keeps business running smoothly but also can help save time and money. It makes sure any production processes and the general working of an organisation is not compromised because of lack of resources.

The Buying Module in ERPNext competently covers the entire process of purchasing and helps users document, calculate and make the best decision based on the resources at their disposal. The module covers everything from Suppliers and Supplier Quotations to Material Requests and Purchase Orders and ensures that every step is completed methodically.

This course is appropriate for anybody who is in charge of any procurement process. This course runs over six chapters and covers basic but detailed concepts that are a part of the procurement and buying methods in an organization.

This course consists of following chapters

  1. Supplier Master Data Management
  2. Material Requests
  3. Supplier Quotations
  4. Purchase Orders
  5. Supplier Scorecards
  6. Reports

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Guhad Affey
2 months ago
Noppakun N
4 months ago
Good for start :)
1 year ago
Very well explained
Salim Mustafa
2 years ago
As Always The Team Has Out Done Its Self. Informative and Well Presented ... basics covered kudos