Project Management
Learn project management, task management, timesheets, project accounting, and reporting.
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Project Management is essential for any business/organisation. It makes sure that processes in the organisation, whether internal or external, run smoothly. Project Management includes planning various internal and external projects, breaking them down into tasks, assigning them, and keeping track of how efficiently these tasks are being carried out.

The Project Module in ERPNext is optimized for streamlined Project Management and seamless integration with other modules involved in projects like accounting, human resources, inventory etc.

The course is appropriate for almost all employees in a business since project management is relevant in nearly every section of an organisation’s work.

By the end of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  1. What are projects and tasks, and how to create them to make sure that your projects run smoothly
  2. What timesheets are, and how they can be used to log employee working and billing hours and create invoices based on them
  3. How project management and accounting can be integrated with each other and how we can use ERPNext to track expenses, revenues and even analyse project profitability
  4. How to use various reports available in the project module to correctly and efficiently analyse trends and completion of projects and tasks
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4 months ago
Nice overview of the powerful toolset. Need to dig in much deeper though to get a clear understanding of all aspects on how project management has to be implemented to rewacj its full potenital. Good work Linet - congrats!
Very basic information that requires a lot of experimentation to actually make good use of the PM features. It has a lot of bugs still that need to be addressed. This is a sales effort to show that it has PM, but it doesn't work as expected. 2 Stars because it has potential, otherwise 1 Star
10 months ago
awesome! if erpnext brings in the capability to link against the JIRA system, it'd be a game changer!
1 year ago
Brillant Tutorial . Great work done.
1 year ago
The course is quite good. Will be better if there are more tips and tricks with using the software. This pretty much covers what the documentation covers as of now. For example, one tip with using the Gantt Chart is that timelines can be very easily adjusted.
Muy buen curso.
Salim Mustafa
2 years ago
WOW, Brillant Tutorial about Project Management, well presented. Keep Up The Good Work, Team !!! Power of ERPNext ... :)