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Sales Management Module
Learn sales order management, sales team and sales partner management, territory management, dropshipping, and reports.
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Sales is an essential part of a business’s survival and success. Therefore, it is important for sales transactions to be carried out, recorded and analysed carefully and efficiently to increase orders from customers and fulfill orders adequately. It is also necessary to create teams of salespeople and assign sales territory and sales target so that they can work towards streamlining sales processes internally.

The Selling Module in ERPNext is designed to conveniently segregate each sales channel and transaction and is equipped with features that can create a seamless sales process. It allows you to create sales teams associated with sales territories so that tagging and assigning is made easier. You can also create loyalty programs to help retain customers and analyse the various reports available to see selling trends.

This course is best suited for an organisation’s salespeople and sales teams along with anyone who may be involved in managing or setting up a sales process.

By the end of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  1. Managing sales orders
  2. Setting up sales territories
  3. Setting up sales teams and sales partners
  4. Managing loyalty programs
  5. Managing drop shipping.
  6. Using reports to make data-driven decisions
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Salim Mustafa
2 years ago
Good Overview, nicely presented. Thank You Once Again.