Website Management
Learn to set up a website for your company by creating web pages, themes, building web forms, publishing blogs, and building a knowledge base with help articles
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Having an online presence with a website is important to establish the credibility of your business. A great website with great content will help you massively irrespective of which industry, domain, and region you operate in.

A website with a few web pages on your company’s vision, products, services, team, etc helps you build a positive opinion about your company. You can even engage your visitors with announcements on important developments in your company like the launch of new products.

By the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  1. Setting up a website for your company
  2. Creating web pages
  3. Creating themes
  4. Building web forms
  5. Publishing blogs and Building knowledge base with help articles
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Thank you
Thanks, it is a magnificent presentation.
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Well explained,. And this clear my basic information related to website
Thank you so much. Great features and explanation.
Great presentation and very insightful, Thank you Linet and the Team.
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2 years ago
Thanks Linet and Team. Presentation was very good , detailed and very informative. Much Appreciated !!! 😁