Frappe School

Frappe School is the Training Unit of Frappe Technologies. At Frappe School, we teach ERPNext, Frappe Framework, and all other Frappe Products, in an easy and effective way!

Frappe creates products that solve day-to-day business problems. Some of these products deal with complex scenarios. One such product is ERPNext. End-users need quality resources to learn them. Frappe School courses help users understand these products so they don't face any issues using them.

As Frappe and ERPNext continue to make inroads into small and large organizations across the globe, the demand for certified consultants and developers is on the rise. Frappe School also provides training and certification that will help users authenticate their skills and upscale their business.

Our Mission

We aspire to empower all individuals and organizations that use ERPNext and other Frappe Products. We strive to make their day-to-day lives a bit easier than it already is with our resources.

Our Story

Back in the day, ERPNext was the Flagship Product of Frappe Technologies. ERP by nature is a complex product. It is meant to solve difficult business problems. Even though ERPs have existed for approximately more than three decades now, users still face difficulties working with them. In spite of having extensive documentation around products, they reach customer support for scenarios they themselves could have handled.

It was the first quarter of 2021 at Frappe, busy, just like any other quarter. After facing all customer queries firsthand, there were discussions at Frappe on how there is a lack of good resources in the ERP domain. The team decided that there is a need to have a learning platform that is focused on ERP implementations for various kinds of ERP users. Frappe has been working on, maintaining, and implementing ERPNext since 2008. We decided to have our own learning platform. This led to the creation of Frappe School.

ERPNext and Frappe Framework

ERPNext is the world's best 100% open-source ERP. It is easy to use, powerful and flexible. You can manage accounting, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, Payroll, and a lot more!

ERPNext is built on Frappe framework. It is a meta-data-driven framework that allows rapid application development. It is built with Python and Javascript.


Frappe is a remote technology company committed to building world-class open-source software products and services. For the past 14 years, alongside our wonderful community, we have been providing and promoting free and open-source software through multiple channels.