Evaluation Preparation Guide

  • The evaluation will be an in-person or virtual assessment based on the course.

  • The Frappe School team will share a link for the Evaluation Application Form. When you are ready for evaluations, visit the link and fill in the details. You will have to select the course. Then select a date and slot available for that date.


  • Based on the slot selected, appear for the evaluation.

  • Once done, the evaluators will let you know the result.

  • If you clear the evaluation, you will be awarded the certificate by the team.

  • If you don't clear the evaluation, you will have to retake the same.

  • Please make sure that you are well prepared before appearing for evaluations. Also, be on time for the same.

  • Candidates get a maximum of three attempts to clear the evaluation. If a candidate fails to attain certification even after three attempts they will have to re-enroll in the training program to appear for subsequent attempts of the certification.

  • The candidate is required to complete evaluations within three months from the date of registration.

  • We also request you to go through our Terms of Certification before you appear for the evaluations